Isolating CBD and CBG Compounds

Isolating CBD and CBG Compounds

The Art and Science of Processing Hemp

CBD and CBG compounds are extracted from high-quality, organic, non-GMO hemp grown by artisan family farmers in the United States. Mechanical engineers at inSupply Labs design and build patent-pending equipment to process hemp into CBD and CBG isolate. Lab technicians take the raw materials and process them into the finished product. Highly-trained customer service reps answer client questions and ship products to valued customers.

Rock form of CBD isolate crystal


At inSupply Labs, the technicians who process the hemp are very particular about their supply. Only experienced organic farmers with crop-specific methods and techniques grow for the company. Most of the 2019 hemp crop came from sustainable farms in Oregon, California and Washington. Some product was also sourced from farmers in Colorado and Kentucky.


When inSupply Labs first started, purpose-built and industrial-scale equipment designed specifically for the hemp industry did not exist. The company’s founders decided to make their own. For this reason the company uses predominantly pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel machinery all designed, engineered and fabricated at inSupply Labs’ very own 25,000 square foot facility in Portland, Oregon.


inSupply Labs technicians handle all of the material, from raw hemp to isolate. The cannabinoids are extracted, refined, and purified through a complex system of laboratory methods. All the equipment is custom-built with a process that’s been specially designed from the ground up to work with hemp and cannabinoids.


Isolate is shipped to all 50 U.S. states via standard carriers. All estimates are FOB Portland, OR. Free shipping is available for orders larger than $5,000.